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08.August.2019 PINQ, Finanzdienstleistung

Banking and digital transformation at the conference. The banking landscape is transforming more and more. syracom supports banks in this change. The business and IT consulting house provides information about current developments and technical trends at Stand Y104.


20.May.2019 PINQ, Finanzdienstleistung

Successful conclusion of the initial phase of the pilot project. SWIFT will provide banks with a new service for dynamic query handling. This will make it possible to process incorrect payment orders even faster and swiftly clarify operational, regulatory, and compliance questions.


17.August.2018 Finanzdienstleistung, PINQ

The business and IT consulting firm syracom will present itself again at this year's Sibos with its own trade show stand. The company will present the latest developments and technology trends in the area of RPA, GPI payments, blockchain, and T2/T2S at the conference and trade fair organized by SWIFT.


06.September.2017 PINQ, Finanzdienstleistung

At this year’s Sibos, syracom is setting up its exhibition stand again. For four days, the conference organized by SWIFT will bring together experts from the global financial community.


12.October.2016 Finanzdienstleistung, PINQ

This year's Sibos took place in Geneva from September 26 to 29 with more than 8,300 participants. syracom had its own booth again this year. This makes it the twelfth consecutive time the business and IT consulting firm has been at the global trade show. The conference covers current topics in the financial industry and trends in payment transactions and securities trade.


06.July.2016 Application Integration, Finanzdienstleistung, PINQ

At the end of September Geneva will host Sibos 2016 - the world’s largest financial trade conference for banks, financial services providers and system providers. syracom has been there for years with their own booth and will be again in 2016. Sibos is organized by SWIFT and brings together experts from the financial services industry for about a week.


28.June.2016 Presse, PINQ, Unternehmen

In November 2007 Syracom introduced the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2002. In the recent years the company focused on the field of software development (in the meantime ISO 9001: 2008).


30.July.2015 Finanzdienstleistung, PINQ

syracom will again have its own booth at this year's at Sibos 2015. The biggest financial industry trade show in the world will take place in Singapore from October 12 to 15. Sibos is organized by SWIFT with the aim of bringing together experts from the financial services industry for one week and provide opportunities for the entire industry. The main focus lies on networking and the development of business relationships.  Sibos also provides a presentation program with lots of variety....


27.May.2015 Presse, Finanzdienstleistung, Personalbereich

In this years ranking of best consultants 2015, published by “brand eins” business magazine in cooperation with Statista, an online statistics portal, syracom has entered the list of best. syracome scored high on its technology and telecommunications industry focus, and above average on IT implementation. The company is part of the Consileon group and have gained overall - together with its affiliates syracom and ajco - a total of nine entries in different industries and...


04.June.2014 Finanzdienstleistung, SEPA

ISO 20022 (XML) will also be used for high-value payments – TARGET2 migration is becoming mandatory We've just managed the SEPA-migration, and here comes the next big change. For TARGET2 Securities (T2S) the Eurosystem has already announced to accept all instructions only in Syntax ISO 20022. Beginning from 2017 ISO 20022 will also become mandatory for all TARGET2. The SWIFT Formats presently used will no longer be accepted. Formats affected: customer payments (at present SWIFT MT 103/103+)...


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