Using competences

For many years, PINQ has been based on the digital webMethods platform for integration and business process management (BPM) of the Software AG. In it, syracom consultants combine well-founded webMethods know-how with many years of experience in IT consulting projects. The webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) allows for the development of process-controlled solutions and monitoring of SLAs. Modern analysis methods make it possible to route and process exceptions automatically. All business applications are created based on the current IT landscape of the customer and continued processes ensured. The technical knowledge about the processes of the customer and the different industries are an important benefit of working with syracom.

webMethods offers versatile solutions

Whether with the webMethods IntegrationServer, the many adapters, the Universal Messaging for the rapid transmission of messages, or Terracotta for storing huge data volumes in the main memory: together with you we establish a modern, highly scalable communication platform. webMethods has already proven itself for SWIFT messaging in the financial sector – an area in which syracom had a significant role.

Optimal use of the webMethods platform

Nothing is more important that high-quality solutions. Based on our experiences in various customer projects, we can provide proven practices and methods for using webMethods.

We have best practices for automated tests. They range from static code analysis to unit tests all the way to performance tests. We also provide tried and tested DevOp processes for process improvement. We will be glad to share our experience with you to allow you to use the platform quickly, optimally customized to your needs.

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