PINQ Case Management




PINQ was specifically developed to automate query processes.


The complete life-cycle of queries is supported by PINQ functions. All stations of a query from creation to completion are documented in the system. PINQ allows for the electronic distribution of both SWIFT-Common Group messages and the new SWIFTNet E&I messages, has a modern GUI with standardized work lists, and makes it possible to complete most customer queries in a short time.

ISO 9001

Product highlights

  • Flexible message routing, support of various media types
  • Comprehensive messaging functions, e.g. reply and forwarding with data adoption
  • Four-eyes principle, substitute rule, illustration of individual working-time schedules
  • Rule-based support of SWIFT standards XML and FIN, Coexistence
  • Automated processes and workflows exceptions & investigations
  • Integration of SWIFT Directory and SWIFTNet Service-Directory
  • Individual linking of interfaces, automatic payment research
  • Customized configuration, client-ready
  • Security concept, role configuration, password guidelines
  • Archiving function,
  • Modern user interface, web-based service module, multilingual
  • Schedule monitoring, comprehensive analysis functions


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