PINQ Onboarding

PINQ for on-boarding processes

The growing scale of onboarding regulations makes it difficult and costly for organizations to manage their customers efficiently. The onboarding processes for customers, be it new customers or also existing customers, who want to use further products become increasingly complex. Various subprocesses as well as internal and external regulations must be observed. With increasing marginal pressure, it is of fundamental importance to design and manage such processes efficiently but in a high quality and secure manner.

PINQ is positioned ideally for supporting on-boarding processes. Designed as a web service, the solution is able to check whether all necessary documents of the customer are available, to research missing information on the internet, call up data from internal and external data bases, and to store the information in a structured manner. The process generates a system- and fact-based foundation for qualified decision-making.

Your benefit

Achieve more in a shorter time and with less effort:
The sequential processing of sub-processes in on-boarding is clearly reduced through parallel processing. Use the knowledge of your experts wherever expert knowledge is needed (credit rating assessment) and use the business process manager to automate less demanding sub-processes. Use effective completeness verification to ensure that all sub-processes have been completed. This saves time and lowers costs.


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