PINQ Regulations

The requirements are becoming more stringent

Liquidity planning, anti-money-laundering, compliance with sanctions: payments are also subject to increasing requirements for risk management and compliance. This also increases the work and expense for monitoring these regulations.

In many credit institutes, this still requires manual work – the possibilities of automating subprocesses for ensuring compliance in the IT systems are often overlooked. PINQ offers help here. Its powerful rules engine can help automate payment-relevant subprocesses.

Support from the rules engine

PINQ allows for the automated processing of transactions and thus also decreases the efforts associated with compliance to regulatory rules:

Your benefits

Automated processes for monitoring regulatory regulation decrease cost, shorten processing times, and improve customer service. syracom provides the right solution for this task with PINQ, the Process INQuiries Management solution. As an end-to-end solution, it offers a high degree of automation in processing payment transactions.



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