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The solution is PINQ – Process INQuiries Management Solution

In many areas, financial institutions face the problem that business transactions do not always follow the same process. Employees must react flexibly to individual business transactions and chose a fitting processing method for the respective case. In many cases these processes are performed manually or semi-automatically, require a lot of information, and thus are cost drivers that require a high level of resources.

Automating these processes not only saves costs but at the same time also improves customer service. PINQ attacks exactly at this point and as an End-to-End solution offers a high level of automation when processing business transactions (cases). PINQ thus helps financial institutions be more productive.

The PINQ Case Management System bundles one or more business processes, corresponding documents, news, and data from different systems into one electronic case file and automatically passes it on to the responsible employees for processing.

PINQ supports you, ...

Optimize your processes for payment inquiries and complaints.


Exploit the full automation
potential from SWIFT gpi.


Planning security for the XML conversion for T2/T2S as well as for the ISO 20022 migration beyond that.


Automate and correctly calculate all fees for OUR and NON-STP payments as well as for Investigations.


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